Ignite your Winter nights with a Spectacular Fire Pit

Winter is just around the corner – or has it just arrived?!  And nothing sets a mood or a scene quite like the sensation of the warmth of flames on your chilly skin. Whether you want to get warm, cast a calm ambiance, or coerce conversation on a cold winter night, a fire pit will do the trick!

As the days grow shorter, and the weather grows colder, we close the windows and turn up the heat, creating a cozy, winter-ready home for the months ahead as it begins to feel like your entertainment activities are best enjoyed from the comfort and warmth of your own home. Winter can feel restricting at times, but for those with an outdoor fire pit, it doesn’t have to be this way. With just a little preparation and maintenance, it is possible to enjoy the warmth and ambiance of your outdoor fire pit year round.

Lighting a fire in the fire pit creates a whole array of new possibilities for both entertaining guests and bringing the family together. A roaring fire welcomes everyone back outside into the crisp, refreshing air. Additionally, an outdoor fire creates a whole new hosting space, opening up your home for larger groups and gatherings.

Consider these three exciting ways to get everyone back outside, even during the chilly months; to gather around a fire and take in one of nature’s most beautiful times of the year.

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1. Host Weekly Outdoor Dinners with the Family

Break up the rhythm of your week by having a weekly outdoor night.  A roaring fire feels like an event not to be missed, giving everyone something to look forward to throughout the week. Gather blankets and sweaters to remind everyone that around the fire, there are plenty of ways to create warmth without staying inside.

With fewer distractions than the dinner table, weekly dinners around the fire pit provides a fun way to check in and switch off. Welcome friends or neighbors that can join in on the tradition to shake things up, or purposely keep it a private, special event that’s just for the family.

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2. Create a Solitary Fire Pit Retreat

A glowing fire isn’t just for gathering large groups of guests. Build an outdoor reading nook on the porch or patio to curl up with a book or to chat with one or two close friends. The presence of a fire changes the energy of an evening and prepares you to wind down before heading inside for the night. Spruce up your outdoor space with cases of books, snack areas and outdoor flora to add to the cozy outdoor vibe.

3. Throw a Winter Themed Party

Set the scene for an indoor – outdoor party, by encouraging the use of your outdoor seating area and fire pit with simple accents like blankets, candles and an outdoor bar. Be sure to design a smooth transition from one to the other, designating a clear spot for shoes, jackets and other winter accessories. Keep extra scarves and blankets on hand, and remember to keep the ground warm with indoor/outdoor rugs when transitioning onto a patio.

All types of gatherings work perfectly around a fire pit in the winter, not just the traditional holiday-themed parties. Shake things up this year by throwing parties based on the changing of the seasons, such as a Fall Equinox or Winter Solstice party—both of which work perfectly around a roaring fire.

Ignite your winter and take advantage of those chilly nights with the best fire pits on the market!