Make the most of your Balcony

Let’s face it, most of our balconies are not big on space. In fact, if you live in the inner city, your balcony probably feels cramped and unusable. But with these fantastic (and easy) ideas, you can transform that tiny balcony into your own little slice of paradise

Get a Balcony Sized Fire Pit:

Just because you live in an apartment doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy having a braai or cooking marshmallows over an open flame. It just means you need to rethink the size of your fire-pit.

The Fire Pit Company, not only has a range of designer fire pits, but also makes bespoke fire pits to meet your imagination!  Dish diameters start from 600mm – perfect for your balcony.

So, huddle around your balcony fire pit and keep warm this winter!





Create a Stunning Hanging Garden:

Whether for herbs or for fragrant flowers, there are a number of simple methods to creating a hanging garden that is perfectly suited to your space or balcony. Some foliage on your balcony will make the world of difference to how welcoming and enjoyable the space is, no matter how small.

Decorate with Durable Outdoor Cushions:

Old mouldy cushions will make even the largest outdoor area a no-go zone. So, if you’re struggling with an undersized balcony area, it’s important to brighten it up with durable outdoor cushions.

Beautify the Floor with Timber Tiles:

Timber or bamboo deck tiles makes for a stunning deck. They’re easy to put together, permeable so you don’t get water build up and look so luxurious. Every small balcony space can me improved with some timber.


Make your own Balcony Bars:

Who says you can’t fit a bar on your balcony? Look at these creative ideas and get inspired!

Now, grab that class of wine and relax!