South Africans love to braai – we don’t need an excuse to get a braai going.  Just about every occasion is the perfect time for one!  For us it’s so much more than just a method of preparing food, it’s about the gathering of good friends and loved ones.

It’s the vibe of the braai that makes it such a special occasion.

Essential ingredients:

  1. Sunshine

Many a South African will braai ‘come hail or sunshine’, but sunny weather is certainly preferential if you envision your guests gathering around the fire instead of around the TV inside the house.

  1. The Braai Master

There can be only one Braai Master, and this is typically the host. It is considered extremely rude for anyone else to interfere, offer advice or ‘try to help’ with the braaiing process, so do take care of your approach should you wish to offer your input!

  1. A great Fire Pit

At the Fire Pit Company, you can find a standard range of contemporary fire pits OR contact us and we will make the fire pit of your dreams!

  1. The Right Fire Wood

Choosing the best firewood for your fire is essential.  The right wood type plays such a big role in the outcome of your fire and your food.  First off, make sure your wood is dry!  Hardwoods are the best for braaing because their density and low moisture content mean it produces a higher temperature over a longer cooking time. Hard wood is also easy to light and makes less smoke.

Kameeldoring, Rooikrans, Black Wattle are tops. If you are lucky and can find Mopane, jump at the chance.

  1. Grid

A braai can take place almost anywhere, provided you have a clean grid. Regardless of whether your braai in a fancy built-in braai, a wheelbarrow, makeshift steel drum or on a stack of bricks, make sure your grid is sturdy and clean.

  1. Braai Tongs

The Braai Master needs a good pair of braai tongs like a Jedi needs a light sabre.  Make sure the tong is not too short that your hands get burnt and not too long that you lack control of the meat.

  1. Quality meat

Meat is the main course of any braai. Whether you’re braaiing lamb chops, steak, chicken, boerewors or ribs, it is important to use good quality meat. You don’t want your guests battling to swallow down meat that is tough and dry, do you? And don’t forget the spices and marinade. Of course, we can’t forget the mielies!

  1. Creative Salads

Its always great for you and your guests to try new and exciting salads, but never, ever forget the most important of all – potato salad!

Salad ideas (click here)

  1. Before Braai Snacks

Chips & a good dip always go down well.  Perhaps some olives and bacon oepsies.

Let your imagination run wild – but not too much to spoil the meal!

  1. Beer

What is a braai without a beer! Let’s raise our glasses to the absolute perfect marriage of sizzling juicy steak washed down with ice cold beer, or, if you must, a cider. However, if you prefer something else, like a delicious Chardonnay or Cabinet, don’t worry – it won’t be frowned upon.

  1. Braaibroodjies

Affectionately known as the hero of the braai, a ‘braaibroodjie’ is a tomato, onion

and cheese sandwich, buttered on both sides, and braaied on the grill. The not-so-

secret ingredient is a thin layer of Mrs Balls chutney somewhere on the inside of your braaibroodjie.

  1. Pap and Sauce

What is a braai without a good helping of mealie pap & sauce? Sadly, many uneducated cooks opt to use a can of braai relish instead. We salute those who put the necessary love and effort into preparing a mouth-watering homemade tomato, garlic and onion sauce. Cheers to you!

Most important ingredient for the perfect South African Braai:

 Great Company and Gees!