A braai in the summer aka – a braai without the br!

I´m from Brasil! The word abraço is hug in Portuguese! I love South Africa! A big hugto you all!! So aa abraaiço to you all!!! A united country is not only stronger but happier!

a Jewish braai

A very short braai ag – One of the most useful South African words. Pronounced “ach” like in the German “achtung”, it can be used to buy you time when having to reply to a tricky question, as in: “Ag, I don’t know.” Or a sense of resignation: “Ag OK, I’ll have some more mieliepap then.” It can stand alone too as a signal of irritation

Anti-braai tendencies
When the weather is bad. However, this should not stop you from being counter-weatherlutionary and still have a braai!

Someone who makes an ass of him/herself at a braai

A dish made from aluminium or stanless steel, used for storing the meat in before and after it is braaied.  Some braai masters will use a glass bak, but there is some safety concern in this if the beers are flowing.

Australian slang for a braai. What you learn to call a braai when you immigrate there.

Although a brand name, it is a universal term in South Africa for fire lighters of any kind or brand.  A frequently asked question at many a braai: “where is the blitz?”

When you light the blitz intending to braai but instead just end up getting blitzed sonder a braai

Abbreviation for boerewors roll


Appropriate for a ‘bring and braai’ – you may bring your bok (babe), your dop (drinks) and tjop (meat of choice)

braai passenger
A person that arrives for a braai without any meat but joins in the eating

Female performing supporting role during a braai. E.g. making salad, marinating meat, making braaibroodjies.

Something most men claim they are. Refers to the person in charge of the braai you attend

braai hard
90′s action movie about a really rough guy who braais a lot

a very long braai

When you enjoy the meat prepared by the braaier, use as a word of praise. “Wow, this steak is good, braailient!”

braai the beloved country
A call to action for all South Africans to braai on 24 September each year

Braai Met Wiele: A up-class mobile braai with wheels for mobility

(bok-dop-en-tjop) – appropriate for a ‘bring and braai’ – you may bring your bok (babe), your dop (drinks) and tjop (meat of choice)

A conference.  You and your friends coming together to discuss your strategy for National Braai Day

Braai freedom
The ability to braai when and where you like. Also known as “unmarried”

Braai hard
90’s Action movie about a really rough guy who braais a lot

Braai hijacker
The guy that you don’t really want to invite to your braai, because he claims to be a chef and manages to ji-jack the braai master goois a dop

 Toasted sandwiches made with cheese, tomato, onion and a dash of chutney. Slowly braaied in a closed grid on light coals until golden grown the outside and melted cheese on the inside.

braaied fruit
It’s like dried fruit, but its braaied

A counter revolutionary who is against braai day

The guy at the braai who steals your drink

Your braai companion if he is married to your sister

Serving a braaied meal to a person as an offer of peace and reconciliation

breakfast braai
An early morning braai, taking place before noon.   One of the few occasions where alcohol is perfectly acceptable before 12

Your chommie, china or brother – your braai friend

Gravy made from tomato, carrots, green peppers, onion, curry, oil and chilli.

Replacement for wood

After the invention of the CADAC braai, someone felt it would be fitting to invent a sport game to accompany this braai, so they invented the game of cricket

Doek sag
A way of describing very tender meat

What one says if they burn their fingers

A term to express a feeling of extreme surprise and astonishment. Example: If a piece of wors falls through the grid into the flames

Braaied chicken – chicken cut open on the chest from neck to tail, spread flat open on the braai grid

flou Kole
At the end of the braai and the booze is finished, every one is flou kile (very tired)

Boring guy at the braai / a fire that is not hot enough to braai on / a joke that no one laughs at

Jan Braai
The man behind National Braai Day

Another way of referring to charcoal briquettes

Naas Botha Braai
When the person braaing drops everything

No woman, no braai
Proposed anthem for National Braai Day

Bacon wrapped skewer cooked on the braai as a starter

Pap en tik
The art of dabbing a ball of pap on the braai meat to smokkel a bit of flavour off the braai before the meat is done

Referendum braai
When everyone around the fire has a different opinion of how to braai.  The dispute is then solved over a good few beers

A braai with no meat

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