It’s all in the wood!

Too often people think that all firewood is the same

Choosing the best firewood for your fire is all dependent on what kind of fire you are making.  The right wood type plays such a big role in the outcome of your fire. Some fires burn more slowly than others, whilst certain woods offer a distinctive aromatic scent that adds a little extra to braai.  Some firewood’s are just perfect to be used on a braai whilst others give you a cost effective, smokeless fuel for the home.

Black Wattle - Fire Pit

Black Wattle

Blue Gum- Fire Pit

Blue Gum

Kameeldoring - FIre Pit


Rooikrans - Fire Pit


Sekelbos - Fire Pit



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Hard wood is considered the best for braaing, because its density and low moisture content mean it produces a higher temperature over a longer cooking time. Hard wood is also easy to light and makes less smoke.

  • Kameeldoring
  • Rooikrans
  • Sekelbos

Kameeldoring is often referred to as ‘The Rolls Royce’ of braai wood due to it being so dry & heavy.  Both Kameeldoring and Rooikrans firewood have a very low moisture content. At 1-2% it is slightly higher than Sekelbos, but still very low. They form extremely hot coals in approximately 1 hour and can be used for grilling for hours thereafter. Kameeldoring branches are also notoriously heavy (they are harvested for firewood after their own weight causes them to drop from the tree). In short, these two are great, dense woods.

Sekelbos a dense and very dry wood. It is said to be the world’s driest firewood. It has a low moisture content (between 0% and 1%) thanks to being baked in the ultra-hot African sun. As a result, it burns slowly and cleanly.


Pizza Oven Wood to use

Blue Gum is the most efficient and economical choice for your home or commercial pizza oven. Long lasting, resin free and providing a continuous heat for perfect pizzas every time.


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There is no limitation to the type of woods one can burn in an open fireplace. As long as your chimney is cleaned each year and your vents are working correctly, your choices are then endless. For the most economical burning, we recommend Blue Gum or Black Wattle. Both are alien, very thirsty trees, and have been designated for removal anywhere near natural water sources. Blue Gum is a hard, dense log from the Eucalyptus family, long lasting and burns longer before creating a fire heart. Black Wattle is a slightly softer wood, easier to ignite and thus, is excellent hot burning firewood that was traditionally prized for wood fired bakers’ ovens. It also lends itself to occasional braaing as it creates small residual coals.


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Glass fronted heaters must be treated with the respect they deserve. Never use pine for example in one of these units, as pine produces a resin which leaves an invisible film inside the flue pipe which becomes a serious fire hazard over time. Kameeldoring should not be used solely in a glass fronted unit as the coals produced become so hot that over time, the metal of the unit will bend and the glass door can crack.  Black Wattle and Blue Gum can be used alone or mixed and will create a beautifully constant source of heat.


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  • Sekelbos: Contains natural oils that add to the flavour of the meat.
  • Kameeldoring: Has a wonderful smoky and musky smell and will impart this scent to whatever foodstuff you have cooking on your braai.


Sometimes, it is important that your braai generates as little smoke as possible. This is the case if you are having a braai in a relatively enclosed outdoor space, for instance. All of the 5 woods discussed here are pretty clean burning (i.e. they generate minimal smoke) as they are hard, dry and well-seasoned. For the cleanest burn, with practically no smoke, opt for Blue Gum!

So now you have all the ins and outs of firewood, all that’s left is to get yourself a stunning fire pit!

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