Romance Fire Pit

The Social Benefits of Owning a Fire Pit

There is a Scientific Explanation as to Why Fires are so Romantic!

Mankind has been gathering around the fire since people were people, and not just for warmth. Science explains.


Though it can brutally scar you within seconds of light contact, fire has long been humanity’s friend. In this way we are not so dissimilar from the humble and somewhat stupid common moth, instinctively making a moth-line for glowing warmth wherever it may be found and even if there is a window in the way!

“Campfires and other types of fires, like hearth fires, seem to be multi-sensory stimulators, so they grab our attention through every single one of our senses,” says Christopher Lynn, anthropologist at the University of Alabama who authored a study that found people are more social around fire and also have lower blood pressure. “Creativity and ingenuity are important to humans. Having the opportunity to sit around a fire and see different aspects of each other is really important for social bonding.”


Matt Rossano, an evolutionary psychologist at South-eastern Louisiana University, explains: “humans have gathered around fires for so long, that we’re almost wired to enjoy their warmth and everything that comes with it. Evening conversations around fire largely involve telling stories, reminiscing about the day or the distant past.” Fire also “tends to focus attention on the immediate venue and moment, thus helping to enhance one’s interaction with others rather than pulling attention to an outside source.”

Once that kindling catches and the flames start flirting with the wood, and the fire becomes a roaring blaze, there’s something so elementally satisfying about standing in front of the hearth, warming one’s self at a fire you’ve created. One can literally feel the stress draining out of your body and the love emanating towards those around you.

FIre at Night

When people gather around a fire some magical things happen:

  • I suspect it’s some age-old instinct, staring into the fire, watching the coals shift and the flames dance, and spinning stories. Whether it’s indoors around a fire, or outdoors around a campfire, there’s an irresistible urge to talk and to listen. And sometimes to sing, of course.
  • The desire to cuddle up to your loved one is irresistible!
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Not only does a roaring fire measurably relax you, it also provides an environment wherein no extra-personal distractions are really allowed for. What you end up with, then, is a place where everyone’s chilled out, everyone feels like relating and life lasting connections are developed, all over an open flame.

So, there you have it. Fire is mother nature’s aphrodisiac. Whether it’s a mere flickering candle or a roaring fireplace, those flames significantly relax you and provide an environment that cancels out any outside distractions. Conditions that are just right for getting intimate. If you want someone to open up, plop me down in front of a crackling fire with a glass of red wine!

Fire Heart

What would South Africans be without a fire pit!  Whether you live in Gauteng, Western Cape, Natal or on the edge of Botswana, a fire pit is a must for every South African!

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