How To Keep Summer Lasting All Year Long

We know that you aren’t entirely thinking about winter yet, but eventually, the sun will set on these lovely summer evenings. As the long, chilly evenings roll in, we want you to be well prepared for it. Colder weather doesn’t mean that you need to say goodbye to having friends over; it just means that you need to think smarter when you’re hosting. You can enjoy summer all year round with our customisable fire pits. Having one of these cozy designs in your backyard is a game changer! It’s the easiest way to taste the sweetness of summer in the middle of July. Investing in one of our fire pits will help you to host flaming hot parties no matter the weather.

Fire pits are the perfect way to keep everyone snug, whether you’re thinking of quickly roasting some marshmallows with the kids or preparing for a long night underneath the stars with your closest friends and family. In this blog we share some nifty tips on how to keep summer lasting all year long.

1. Cooking Outdoors

One of the many reasons we love summer is because electricity bills are drastically less. Warmer weather means taking cold showers, sometimes forgetting to switch the geyser on for days on end, not to mention spending much less time in front of the stove and more time outdoors in front of the fire. Okay, keeping the geyser on daily in the winter is crucial. We understand that there are few better ways to end off frisky winter days, than soaking in a warm bath, but you can still have tons of fun outside next to the bright flames, just as you would have in summer; that is if you have a well thought out fire-pit though. Instead of spending hours in the kitchen preparing a hearty homemade meal, you can warm up yourself and your belly alike with our multifunctional fire pits.

2. Decorate Your Outdoor Space With Cozy Lighting

You can never go wrong with fairy lights and there is no such thing as too many candles. Warm lighting is not only functional, it also enhances your backyard and creates a welcoming environment for guests. In effect, you are creating the same warm and relaxed feeling as the golden rays of a summer sunset would.

3. Outdoor Rugs And Blankets

Soft outdoor furnishings go perfectly with any fire pit. Nothing screams warmth like a couple of welcoming blankets and the captivating heat of a bonfire. Having a warm rug underneath your feet might be a reminder of dancing on the warm grass, underneath the summer stars and sitting next to the fire with a warm drink in your hand. This will heat you from the inside, taking your right back to lazy days, lounging on the beach.

4. Patio Curtains

For those of you wanting to invest the extra bit of time and money into creating the ultimate summertime hub to gather around all year long, you might want to consider putting up some patio curtains. This is the perfect way to keep summer sizzling inside, while winter is howling away outside.

5. Make It Fun

If you have guests over during the winter and you have an outdoors party, it might feel slightly more like a summer evening if you keep your friends moving. Play fun games like charades to keep their bodies moving, and play some dancing tunes to keep people on their feet. It’s always more enjoyable for the guests if their host is having fun too. You need to set the trend and be on your happiest, even in the midst of the cold.

Colder weather doesn’t have to be the end of your summertime outdoor adventures. Evenings are made to be spent outdoors, regardless of the season. With the tips mentioned above, you can have the perfect evening outside, without feeling the winter sting.

What would South Africans be without a fire pit!  Whether you live in Gauteng, Western Cape, Natal or on the edge of Botswana, a fire pit is a must for every South African!