Creating the perfect outdoor living space

Whether you are spending some quality time with family and friends, or you are simply soaking in some sun on a lazy summer afternoon, your backyard is the perfect place to do so. It doesn’t matter if you have a big yard or a smaller space to work with; we have the ideal tips and tricks for you to transform your rugged outdoor space into something spectacular.

1. Add some greenery

It goes without saying that plants are an absolute necessity for any outdoor space. Greenery can be incorporated in a bunch of playful ways; you are not restricted tot potted plants and garden beds alone. If you allow your creative juices to flow, you might come up with some creative ways to decorate your yard or patio with some luscious greenery. You can easily incorporate a pop of colour, not only by planting vibrant plants but also by planting them in colourful containers.

2. Choose a colour palette

While we’re on the topic of colour, we would like to add that colour palettes are essential for creating cohesiveness and stylish outdoor spaces. Everything plays a part in your colour scheme, from the scatter cushions you choose to the colour of your custom-built fire pit. From, The Fire Pit Company. Don’t just throw random pieces of décor and furniture together; take a moment to consider the flow of everything.

3. Make sure there is shade in the summer

The South African heat can sometimes feel unbearable, and there is nothing worse than gathering outdoors in the midsummer heat without any protection against the scorching summer sun. If you own one of our customised fire pits, we understand that you would love to utilise your outdoor space as often as possible, even when the heat reaches soaring temperatures. Start thinking about how you are going to include sources of shade into your backyard. A large tree would be the perfect solution; There is nothing better than lounging underneath the gentle sound of leaves rustling in the afternoon breeze. Unfortunately, trees don’t grow overnight, and buying mature trees isn’t always an option. Sailcloth, canopies, awnings, outdoor blinds and large umbrellas are all alternative options you can think of.

4. Add warmth in the winter

Warming things up in winter is just as essential as keeping it cool in summer; This is where our innovative fire pits come in handy. We offer you the opportunity to utilise your outdoor space all year long. Our heating solution is guaranteed to become the focal point of any winter gathering. Who doesn’t like warming their hands over a fire in the winter?

5. Use attractive lighting

Outdoor evenings wouldn’t be the same without lighting to add some warmth. Remember that you want to keep your outdoor space cosy. Too many bright lights will come across as harsh and will have an uninviting effect. If you are successful in your attempt to create a well-lit area, you will create a beautiful, inviting atmosphere. There are many outdoor lighting options, including one of our multifunctional fire pits; Not only does this create a spectacular centrepiece, but it’s also a useful lighting source. You can also compliment your one-of-a-kind fire pit with some lanterns, candles or string lights. Whichever lighting you end up choosing, make sure to position it thoughtfully. Consider placing proper lighting close to walkways, paths and stairs so that people can see where they’re going.

Remember to keep the primary function of your outdoor space in mind. Match your outdoor area with whatever makes you happiest. You have the potential to turn any yard, patio or garden patch into a laid back hub that the entire family enjoys.