South Africans tend to disagree on nearly everything. We bicker about the better rugby team – Bokke or All Blacks? Everyone has a different political opinion, and we can’t even agree on the best dop to enjoy on a Saturday afternoon. South Africans have simply made up their minds about certain things, and that is not likely to change overnight. We are a stubborn nation, and we seem to like it that way.

However, there is one… maybe two exceptions to this unspoken rule; We are all irritated with Eskom and weekends isn’t the same without a lekker braai!

South Africans use every occasion as an excuse to get together for a braai. Braaing is better than therapy; It takes the sting out of the draught and petrol prices spiking inland, and it even makes the fact that the All Blacks won the latest match a little more bearable. Any cause for celebration also calls for a tjoppie op die kole. We even celebrate the cat’s birthday with a braai, not to mention boetie or sussie’s first day at school.

Braaing is an extremely versatile pass time, and that might be one of the main reasons’ foreigners find this part of our South African culture so difficult to understand – Ag shame! We want to give a disclaimer to all the foreigners reading this blog: You might not find it funny, but we do! We have put together a couple of South African braai memes that are guaranteed to tickle any South African’s funny bone.

1. Braaibroodjies are essential

Dop en chop isn’t the only thing South Africans are obsessed with. We are also completely obsessed with braaibroodjies! Is a braai even a braai without yummy cheese and tomato sandwiches char grilled to perfection?

2. South African time management… Enough said

If you are South African, you have likely been invited over to a friend’s house on a Friday night for a lekker braai, only to catch the butchery open with minutes to spare.

3. Braai-a-holic

Dealing with OBWS (Obsessive Braaivleis Withdrawal Symtoms) is a real thing!

4. When you ask South Africans what they would like to eat

Some South Africans would be more than happy to have a braai for dinner every night. With Suzelle DIY’s braaipie recipe going viral, it’s safe to say there is nothing we haven’t tried braaing before.

5. What is a BBQ?

In South African terminology BBQ is not a cooking method, it’s a flavouring. Go barbeque your burger patties in the States, please. In South Africa it’s called a braai.

We hope our collection of braai memes spiced up your day, and that you enjoy a sharing these with your buddies this weekend over the sweet smell of sizzling chops.