Sitting next to the fire pit is about much more than just keeping yourself warm. There are numerous practical, emotional and health benefits to fire pits too.

Today we bring you the advantages of having one of these nifty, innovative designs in your backyard. If this doesn’t give you a burning desire to purchase a fire pit of your own, we don’t know what will.

1. Added ambiance


The ambient glow of a fire pit is the ultimate focal point; Whether you are hosting an outdoor party underneath the summer stars, or just roasting marshmallows with your kiddies. A fire pit can easily be appreciated for the sheer beauty of it.

2. You can use it all year


A Firepit can perfectly adapt to any season. You can make memorable moments around the fire pit all year round because the heat of the flames can keep even the coldest evenings at bay; Therefore, a fire pit isn’t just an investment for the summertime.

3. It lights up your nights


Once the last rays of sunlight disappeared for the night, fire pits are excellent for providing some heat to your backyard. It also gives a beautiful glow to your garden. Gardens are often underused, but once you have a beautiful fire pit in your yard, you have no more excuses not to spend evenings underneath the stars instead of in front of the tv.

4. You can cook food on it


As South Africans we will use just about anything and everything to have a braai on. Luckily, we got you covered! Fire pits are adaptable to cook on as well and can be purchased with braai grids; perfect for those who can’t see the evening through without a tjoppie on the coals.

5. It makes the days last longer


Sometimes we want our summer days to last forever. Having a fire pit in your backyard will help you to clock some extra time underneath the summer sky. Sitting next to the open fire with your eyes fixated on all of the stars at once, is the perfect way to make the days last.

6. It helps you to relax and unwind


Forget about Netflix and chill; try unwinding while you’re watching the flames dancing instead. Spending evenings next to the fire pit has scientifically been proven to not only have a calming effect on people; it also causes blood pressure to drop significantly.

There is simply nothing better than going to your backyard and relax next to the fire pit after a long day at work. Watching the flames will make your evenings last longer and unwind more. If you are interested in decorating your outdoor space with one of these multi-functional contraptions, we got your back! Contact us today to find out how you can implement a fire pit into your landscape this summer.