Glamping in your backyard has never been more accessible!

A Fire pits adds a stylish twist to your property and is visually appealing (especially to the trendy millennials that are more concerned about aesthetics than functionality); Give them an Instagramable living space, and they’re sold!

Most homeowners don’t often put much thought into their backyard, leaving their homes looking bland and without any proper décor. However, a fire pit enhances your garden significantly and adds a certain modern-rustic feel to your outdoor space that can’t be easily obtained by using other decorative accessories.

Fire pits can turn your dull patio into an extravagant outdoor area that is functional, aesthetic and entertaining all at the same time. There are actually more to these designs than meets the eye. You might be surprised to learn that fire pits can even add value to your property; and here’s how.

Fire pits are trendy! Professional real estate agents are all likely to agree that outdoor spaces are becoming more popular than ever. With people becoming more health-conscious, they are spending less time indoors. As a result, properties with well thought out outdoor areas tend to have a higher resale value. Fire pits can increase the value of your home up to 40%, depending on the design type and materials you choose.

Take the size of your outdoor living space into consideration when you are picking your fire pit. Remember that the ideal distance between your home and your fire pit should be about 3 meters. Our portable fire pits come in a variety of shapes and sizes, making it possible for you to add one of these studding designs to your outdoor space, even if it is on the smaller side.

The durability of fire pits are critical; it won’t add value to your property if it is only going to last for a couple of months. Therefore, you need to choose the perfect materials for this heat source. Our fire pits are made from 4mm thick, high quality Carbon Steel or 316 Stainless steel, and will thus endure the elements without rusting through for many, many years to come!

Fire pits are also extremely versatile. You can use as a braai on a Friday evening or simply to create some warmth on a chilly winter night. It keeps pesky mosquitos and bugs away, and you can use it to create the perfect ambience for date night. The Fire Pit Company makes fitted lids, so when you are not using your pit, it makes for a wonderful table! The sheer multifunctionality of fire pits makes them an attractive addition to any home.

If you are interested in upping the value of your home or selling it, investing into one of our fire pits is the way to go, because it gives potential buyers a toasty feeling of wanting to curl up underneath the stars for a while. We want to go so far as to say that having a fire pit in your backyard might even be the deciding factor for a potential buyer to seal the deal or not.