At the end of a long day, your fire pit is just the thing you need to unwind. There is nothing better than gathering around the fire pit with family and friends for a relaxing evening of good company and making memories. You invested a great deal of time and money into the centrepiece of your backyard landscaping. Keeping rainy months in mind, it’s important to take efforts to keep it looking and performing its best.

Depending on the location of your fire pit, the after effects of heavy or persistent rain can render it nothing but a soggy, hazardous mess. Therefore, we have compiled some top tips on how to protect your firepit from rain, and keep your fires burning even after heavy downpours.

Keep things dry with a drainage system:

Fire pits are generally designed to prevent water from getting in, but this element can’t be relied on by itself. The bottoms of the pit should include weeping holes to allow drainage from below, and there should also be a drain under the pit’s pan to prevent water from pooling. If your fire pit is close to a natural slope, you can use this to your advantage and construct a contoured drainage “ditch” to funnel excess water away.

Keep it covered:

If you want to keep water out of your fire pit, then covering it with a vinyl or metal cover is probably the most comfortable option. Covering your fire pit blocks out errant debris as well and keep a fire pit tidy and dry, ready for its next event.

Store moveable pits in covered areas:

Portable fire pits have got many benefits, one of them being their mobility. Simply moving the pit into a shed, garage, or under a deck keeps it snug and dry during rainstorms. Remember to be sure the fire pit is thoroughly cooled before storing in a covered area; fires can reignite quickly and can cause tremendous damage to your property.

Choose a fire pit that works well in your backyard:

Whether your backyard is a dramatic reflection of your personal taste or a pure cosy go-to retreat where you go to at the end of the long day, you need to choose a firepit that resonates well with you and your family. Options for fire pit designs are only limited by your imagination, and if you choose a fire pit that you are proud of, you will likely spend more time and effort protecting it against the elements.

At The Fire Pit Co, we take great pride and joy in helping you to create your perfect at-home retreat. Contact us today to find out how we can help you to protect your firepit from rainy weather.