Project Description




This robust, but modern looking fire pit is the perfect addition to any backyard or patio and will provide you with years of outdoor pleasure!


Bowl: 4mm Carbon Steel. Available Options

  •  Q235 Carbon Steel – Raw Mill
  • Q235 Carbon Steel – Rusting Patina (Additional Cost)
  • Black Fire Coating on OUTER Dish (Additional Cost)

Stand: Available Options

  •  Carbon Steel – Raw Mill
  • Carbon Steel – Rusting Patina (Additional Cost)
  • Carbon Steel – Black Fire Coating (Additional Cost)
  •  Stainless Steel (Additional Cost)

See below for details of the various finishes


  • Diameter Range: 600mm – 2000+mm
  • Height Range: 250mm – 500mm

Choose your Fire Pit Dimensions and Finish



Dish Finish Options

Q235 Carbon Steel Raw Mill

Q235 Carbon Steel Rusting Patina (Additional Cost)

Black Fire Coating on OUTER Dish (Additional Cost)

Stand Finish Options

Carbon Steel Rusting Patina

Carbon Steel Black Fire Coating

Stainless Steel

Choice of airflow/drainage hole in your dish, approximately 2.5cm diameter, or not.


Rusting finish

Rusting Fire Pit

Rusting Patina is a brown, glossy or sheen film on the surface of the steel dish, produced by oxidation over a period of time, resulting from age or polishing. The Patina provides a protective covering to prevent damage from weathering and corrosion. We speed up this process for the option of the “Rusting Carbon” Steel classic look.”

Mill finish

Mill finish refers to the surface texture (or finish) of metal after it exits the drawing process.  The surface is then treated with a polishing process for a smooth, uniform finish.

Stainless Steel Finish

A stainless steel stand is a great choice for your fire pit because it is weather resistant and strong, although more expensive.

It also overs a very different aesthetic which is a personal choice over a carbon steel dish.

Black Stand finish

Black Stand FInish

The fire pit stand is coated with a black fire paint. The paint however will not last indefinitely. This will depend on how many fires you make.

Fire pit bowls and stands are made from solid rusting (carbon) steel.
They will rust once exposed to the elements and will develop an attractive, burnished patina over time.

Please note that steel will continue to rust and a small amount of maintenance is required to keep that at bay, with oiling.

All stands and accessories are also available in stainless steel.
Starting from R4,200.

We deliver throughout Southern Africa


Please Take Care:

Fire pits are open fires and should not be used where the risk of
uncontrolled fires might occur.
Remember to never leave your burning fire unattended.